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Vivo cards

Vivo Cards

Vivo is the Italian word for Bright Flash! That's why we call these new oversized cards Vivo! They make a big flash when people see them. Up to 12" X 17" big, Vivo's command attention from who ever sees them. You can order Vivo prints of your model cards or head shots, or order just Vivo sized prints alone.


Thank you cards

Thank You Cards

Make a lasting impression with our new Thank You cards, in two sizes. The smaller, leave behind size (3.5" X 5.5") can be personalized and used when auditioning or answering a casting call. The larger, mail back card (4" X 6.5") is a standard post card size you can send back to who ever you want to remind your were there. Both sizes use the photo of your choice along with your agency logo and information. Because good manners are always in style.

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Model cards

Model Cards

The industry standard used by models at auditions and interviews. Up to date quality model cards are an absolute essential for the working or beginning model. With a wide variety of styles and custom designs Bunker LA has set the standard in cards for over a decade.




The actor’s calling card. We’ll work with you to showcase your headshot in the best way possible. While most any one can print a headshot, not everyone can produce them to the high standards of Bunker LA. Printed to the same exacting standards of our model cards. We print our headshots on high quality card stock or photo paper depending on your preference.


Business cards

Photo Business Cards

How many times have you kept someone’s business cards only to have no idea who that person was when you looked at the card later? Using Photo Business Cards from Bunker LA eliminates the possibility of that important person not putting your face with your name. Superior quality, heavy card stock that holds a crystal clear image to make sure you get remembered. Let us make you something special.



Photo Postcards

Whether you’re seeking new representation, alerting important individuals to your next appearance, or letting people know about an upcoming event, a Photo Post Card gets noticed. Normally 4 X 6, Bunker LA can produce photo post cards in a variety of sizes. Get noticed with Photo Post Cards.



Convention Packages

Whether it is Industry Network, Hollywood Showcase, iPOP! or Talent- INC, Bunker LA is the printer of choice for major conventions. Many Associations have there own specific layout format and Bunker LA is familiar with them all. We know the importance of having your pictures done well and delivered on time. Shouldn’t you have the same high quality images as the professionals? With Bunker LA you can.

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